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"Get me on Google, MSN or Yahoo like you promised," "No More Excuses" A line being said at an alarming rate across the Internet. SEO isn't magic and there is no software that will maintain your site on page one, period. That being said, search engine optimization can work and for some companies like ours it does 98% of the time. Content is King, and don't you ever forget it. And then there are those who would rather just buy the listing at the very top of the page for a 1.00 a visit in hopes of snaring a little business "20% of all Internet commerce is conducted from sponsored links," at least that's what Microsoft says... I am sure Google would have another slant on that.

My experience counts over 600 sites in 5 different countries on the first page of the top three and kept them there. Many companies that offer these services bank on things like: age of domain, back links and lack of optimization in general "no meta information in your site." But to stay on Google or even get on Google, MSN or Yahoo, you better belong there. That is where our success lies. We work with our clients to improve the actual relevant content of the site. Your site will move up on all search engines in a matter of week and stay there.

We also offer a new and very functional product - "Turnkey Websites". These sites have everything you wish you had in your own site, with a unique difference. Each of our Turnkey Websites already dominate the first page of the big three search engines. All you need to do is send us your logo to unlock the real power of owning a contemporary website with first page placement.
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